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Creating a One-Stop Performance Center

The Athlete Matrix provides athletes, and executives with top strength coaches, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and elite visual and brain technologies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The Athlete Matrix contracted BoxOut Inc so that they could provide in-house access to high-performance services to their members and grow the brand’s presence in the GTA. Since the addition of BoxOut, the facility is much more widely recognized and is receiving praise for being one of Canada’s most holistic and advanced performance centers.

Case details

Client name:
The Athlete Matrix
3350 Wolfedale Rd., Mississauga, ON
January 01, 2018
Facility Integration

The Athlete Matrix is a world class strength and conditioning facility which is managed by some of the GTA’s top coaches. It is also partnered with APEX Optimal Performance which provides services to members from in-house therapists and chiropractors. The Athlete Matrix is home to athletes from youth to professional levels and is designed to help them reach their physical capacity. Read more about them at here.

As a newer facility, The Athlete Matrix was primarily facing challenges with branding and stakeholder engagement, with the goal of improving organizational alignment and becoming a one-stop shop for athletes looking to get to the “next level”. Specifically, their objectives were to increase brand awareness, increase traffic to the facility, and attract/retain members by providing a more advanced, comprehensive service offering.

Traditionally, members of the Athlete Matrix were working only on their physical abilities and sport specific skills which are just a component of overall performance – they were either ignoring or unaware of the importance of working on the mental side of performance. BoxOut staff were able to bring elite level technology for the mental aspects and analytics into the mix at the Athlete Matrix which immediately brought some prestige and a sense of privilege to the members.

In addition, BoxOut’s media team worked closely with the client to understand their marketing strategy and then revamp their web and social media presence to more closely align with their objectives.

BoxOut has generated a significant increase in overall brand awareness for The Athlete Matrix through their work on the web and social platforms as well as through curated video content creation. BoxOut has also attracted top athletes and coaches to come to the new facility and make it their go-to destination for performance improvements including those at the professional and national team level.

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