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Cognitive Assessment

Before we start training we conduct a thorough, scientifically designed, cognitive assessment to identify essential sport, academic & life skills that need the most attention, and to track the progress throughout the program
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Understand and unlock the power of the brain

Just because our eyes are open does not mean our brains are making effective use of the information in front of us. Of the mass of sensory data our brains take in, about 80% of it is dominated by 2 billion messages of visual information per second. Our brains can only meaningfully process a small amount of this data, so what we pay attention to, or how we direct our mental focus, has a huge impact on our awareness.

The enhancement of one’s vision, brain, and body allows one to see, decide, and react faster and more accurately. By improving this process, we can elevate our performance and be in a better position to achieve athletic, fitness, and academic goals.

Cognitive Assessment

Take the cognitive assessment to study brain function and cognitive performance

We use state-of-the-art evaluation and training tools designed to assess the cognitive performance of the modern athlete. The results from this assessment are useful for understanding the user’s cognitive state, strengths, and opportunities in the areas of memory, concentration/attention, executive functions, planning, and coordination. This can help determine whether or not the cognitive changes that the user may be experiencing are normal, or if they reflect some kind of neurological disorder.


The ability to choose and concentrate on relevant information


The abilities to capture, process and actively makes sense of information that our senses receive


The abilities to process, understand and react to the information in order to get a specific conclusion in the least amount of time


The abilities to retain information and voluntarily recover it when needed


The abilities move efficiently, carefully, quickly and purposefully

Benefits of the Cognitive Assessment

This  cognitive test is completely online and lasts about 30-40 minutes. After completing the evaluation, a report will  be generated with the user’s results. This report gathers useful information and presents data in an easy-to-understand format to make it possible to understand the functioning of different cognitive skills. It also provides valuable information that can help detect the risk of some disorder or problem, recognize its severity, and identify support strategies for each case.

We recommend using this assessment to better understand cognitive function, or cognitive, physical, psychological, or social well-being, and where there are symptoms or difficulties related to concentration/attention, memory, reasoning, planning, or coordination. We recommend using this complete cognitive test to complement a professional diagnosis, and never to substitute a clinical consultation.

Focus and Recognition

Improved recognition of target spin/trajectory, openings in defense & open teammates. Better spatial awareness for injury prevention. Increased visual stamina so performance doesn’t drop with fatigue in sport or school.

Coordinated & Accurate Movements

Exceptional eye-hand and eye-foot coordination allows athletes to put their bodies in the right place at the right time, and make more elite-level plays.

Decision Making Skills

Better brain processing skills for less mistakes, more consistent high-level play, faster reaction time, and more productivity on the field and in the classroom.

Injury prevention

Injury prevention is an important benefit of brain and vision training. Concussion rates have been significantly reduced by major collegiate football programs as a result of brain and vision training. This is mainly due to raised peripheral awareness making it easier to avoid unforeseen contact in team sports.

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