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MyEdge Sports Psychology Program

Dominate the mental game for enhanced performance. Improve confidence, focus, composure, intensity, and trust in athletic performance and in life.
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90% of Success in Sport is MENTAL

Win More. Hire Smarter. Develop Leaders.

Identify the intangibles you can’t see that determine performance and predict success.

What if there was a simple test you could give athletes that would reveal exactly what’s going on in their head and heart? In other words, it could tell you how they think, how they will respond to situations and how they are expected to behave and even mentally perform during competition.

What if that test could also tell you how to most effectively coach (or parent) and develop them to reach their full potential. And, what if that same test could tell you the same about a team as a whole?

Measure, guide and train the mental intangibles scientifically tied to success in athletics, school, and life.

MyEdge (Sports Psychology) Assessment

We measure one’s ability to make appropriate split-second reactions to situations (Speed Concentration) matched with the ability to make good decisions quickly (Decisiveness) plus the propensity to be emotionally stable and steady during competition (Composure).

The Sports Psychology (TAP) assessment is an athletic mindset indicator that measures the mental intangibles related to athletic and personal success. The assessment measures an individual’s matched Athlete Type, matches to 66 mindset indicators, growth versus fixed mindset, scores on the 12 performance traits, 8 cognitive functions, and 3 learning traits.


Measure determination, competitive spirit and ability to persevere in challenging situations


Measure ability, openness and likelihood of responding to outside coaching and then the ability to apply the coaching in practice and competition.


Measure ability to mentally perform during athletic competition and generally in other stressful activities.


Measure achievement drive, intrinsic motivation and competitiveness


Measures the individual’s ability to naturally desire to pay attention to details and generally get things done


Measure emotional maturity, emotional stability and maintaining a positive outlook.


Measure propensity to naturally exhibit confidence as it relates to the situations one faces in competition or in life generally.


Measures propensity for being realistic, practical or “hands-on” in their approach to situations and problems


Measure mental reaction time and accuracy in choosing the appropriate response when provided interfering and conflicting stimuli.

Mental Gym

Can Individuals Improve on Mental Performance Traits?

The Mental Gym is an online learning & development system designed to teach individuals and coaches mental skills and positive habits to increase their
propensity for success in their sport and life. We have designed a number of skill and habit workouts to correspond directly to the performance traits we measure to help athletes improve these metrics.

Personalized Reports for Stakeholders

Insights and guidance is available in the form of reports. These reports are designed for each stakeholder in an athlete’s development: The Athlete, the Parent(s), and the Coach(es). There are also team reports and guidance for coaches to win and dominate the mental game.


Self Awareness is the first step to improvement.

Participating in competitive sports is a tremendous opportunity to change one’s life for the better and learn life lessons in a manner that is hard to duplicate in other environments or activities. We believe that empowering athletes to develop the mind as well as the body leads to better athletic performance and an overall better experience. Each athlete will receive their own, customized report.

Insights and Guidance

  • Performance traits results
  • Tips for common athletic situations
  • Psychologist commentary on mental characteristics, competitive nature, coping style and work style
  • Matched “Good Fit” careers

Parents / Guardians

What if you knew what to say to your child-athlete to help with the ups and downs of athletics and life?

Parenting an athlete can be a challenge in today’s ultra competitive environment. Providing parents with a deep understanding of their son/daughter’s mental makeup allows them to better communicate with their athlete and assist them in developing the psychological and emotional skills crucial to success in athletic competition and in life. In providing understanding and direction to the parents, the overall athletic experience can deepen relationships and build life-lasting, positive memories.

Insights and Guidance

  • Parenting tips for common athletic situations
  • Psychologist commentary on mental characteristics, personal nature, relationships, motivations and interests and practice habits


What if you knew what to say to all your athletes no matter the situation?

Coaching a team of athletes is an awesome responsibility as coaches must juggle directing the development of individual athletes and bringing a diverse group of athletes together to accomplish team success. Empowering coaches with the insight and tools to direct the individuals on the team to make the most of his/her talents in coordination with the team is at the core of our mission.

Insights and Guidance

  • Performance traits results
  • Athlete narrative for coaches
  • Coaching tips for common athletic situations
  • Psychologist commentary on mental characteristics, competitive nature, coping style and work style

Teams and Organizations

What if you knew who to draft or hire to find the perfect fit to maximize your team / organizations potential?

Using advanced analytics, the system will allow you to scientifically and systematically predict whether hiring candidates will fit well and be successful in your particular industry, organization or specific job role leading to more wins, successful drafts, exceptional hires, improved retention, higher satisfaction and increased profits. Our aim is for the team and organization to get the most out of its individuals.

Insights and Guidance

  • Visualize the mental makeup of individuals and teams
  • Identify and address shortcomings in team mental makeup
  • Identify individuals that are a “good fit” addition to the team
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