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Visual / Sensory Assessment

Before we start training we conduct a thorough, scientifically designed, sensory visual assessment to identify essential sport, academic & life skills that need the most attention, and to track the progress throughout the program
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Your senses are a compilation of a multitude of fundamental skills.

Measuring just one skill misses the complete picture.

Most athletes think they have perfect vision because they see clearly, but this is just one of many visual skills that are crucial to sports performance. We find areas of strength and uncover weaknesses that may have been unknown or not properly addressed.

Without this assessment many visual weaknesses could continue to be overlooked or mistaken for unrelated issues. Many people go through their entire lives struggling to achieve the success they desire because of an unidentified visual problem.

The first step of improvement is knowing what you need to improve on.

Visual / Sensory Assessment

Evaluation is founded on scientific principles and established units of measurements.

We use state-of-the-art sensory evaluation and training devices designed to assess the visual and sensory performance of the modern athlete. Each athlete is tested on 7 sport-relevant visual and sensory performance skills. Results can be compared instantly to our athlete performance database by position, sport and competition level to produce a personalized Sensory Report which identifies areas for improvement and recommends a course of action, which may include a visit to an eye care practitioner or personalized training plans.


How clearly you see distant details


How accurately you judge differences in contrast


How accurately you judge depth information at a distance


How quickly you change attention between distances


How quickly you visually acquire critical information


How accurately you track objects moving in space with distractions


How quickly your hands reacts to a visual signal

Benefits of the Visual / Sensory Assessment

Athletes come away from our assessment with a clear picture of where their sensory visual skills are currently and how improving them can raise their performance in sports and academics. This is the starting point for improving any athlete’s vision. Once we know the strengths and weaknesses we can appropriately design a training regimen for an individual. We never want to blindly train an athlete, so this assessment gives us the clarity we need to efficiently reach the goals of any particular athlete.

Identify Strengths & Opportunities

Ensure you have no significant visual issues hindering your performance and identify weaknesses that may be hindering your potential.

Opportunities to Improve Immediately

From the assessment results you will learn basic tips that can reduce stress on your visual system. These tips can improve your vision immediately and slow down the long term deterioration process.

Develop a Plan of Action

Knowing what you need to improve on the most tells us what your road to success should look like. This ‘vision’ will keep us on target for guaranteed results.

Track Progress and Reassess

In order to reach your goals as soon as possible we must stay on the right path. Reassessing allows us to see progress and alter the training regimen to ensure we are headed on the right direction.

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